"Live. Learn. Lead. will provide funds to enhance campus living and expand learning opportunities for tomorrow's leaders. I am an investor in this Campaign because I believe in the growth and future of young FarmHouse men across the country as well as in our Fraternity."

— Jim Herbert (TN '61)
CEO of Neogen Corporation

Learn about Jim & Judi’s passion for volunteers>


"We feel fortunate that we had Lance for 29 years. We wanted to make sure his legacy for helping young people lived on."

— Joan McLendon
Mother of Lance (TR ’95)†

Read more about the McLendons>


"I give in memory of my late husband. He always gave FarmHouse credit for setting future goals in his life and how FarmHouse helped him achieve those goals. He was a farm boy from rural Missouri and the first in his family to attend college. Jerr would have been so pleased with the Leadership Institute as well as seeing the growth of FarmHouse)"

— Annette Coorts Flanders
Widow of Gerald Coorts (MO ’51)


"We wanted to show our appreciation for the difference FarmHouse made in Paul’s life, and we are continuously impressed with the goals and objectives of the Fraternity. We want to give the men of FarmHouse a hand up, not a hand out, by financially supporting them in meaningful ways."

— Dallas & Brenda Powell
Parents of Paul (CO ’81)†

Read about the fund created in Paul’s memory>


"I give to FarmHouse because I like knowing my charitable contributions are going to places that put money to productive use."

— Ron Vaske (SD ’87)
Attorney & Partner at Lindquist & Vennum LLP


"My gift was nothing special. It was simply an appreciation acknowledgement of the FarmHouse brothers before me. Their investments significantly enriched my life, as well as my son’s life when he was a member. I’m happy to give and be of service to the future generations of FarmHouse men."

— Craig Hertel (NE ’75)


"I get great joy out of, and am committed to, things that are life-changing to people. To me, FarmHouse is one of the best life-changing institutions out there. I believe FarmHouse is more than an idea-it's an aspirational way to live. It gave me structure and made me more productive. I didn't realize until much later all that FarmHouse had done for me. I gave to the Campaign because I wanted to pay it forward to ensure FarmHouse is there to do this for future generations."

— Randy Linville (KS '73)
CEO of Agspring

Read more about Randy's new Ineternational Catalyst Fund>


"I know first-hand the impact FarmHouse educational programs can have on undergraduate members and hope my donation will be able to provide those same opportunities to today’s undergraduates. The programs FarmHouse provided were essential in shaping my undergraduate experience and I know, through my time at the Mobile RLC, that the programs we continue to provide are beneficial to all those in attendance."

— Judson Ricks (TR ’07)


"Today, society struggles for leadership. I am a firm believer that those from rural backgrounds can provide the necessary guidance that the world needs when they are developed by superior organizations like FarmHouse Fraternity."

— Doug Sims (IL ’65)

Read more about the Sims Scholarships>


"We are so proud of our son and thankful for FarmHouse Fraternity. I believe it has been a great change for him socially and academically. We make this gift as a thank you to the FarmHouse community!"

— Nancy & Wayne Folkers
Parents of Ryan (SIU ’16)


"I don’t believe my positive outlook on life is due to some inherent quality within me. I don’t think I’m unique either. Since the accident, I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people, many of them with disabilities worse than mine. They still have a great outlook on life and such character. Often, when I meet these people, especially the young men, I think, ‘he would make a great FarmHouse man. That’s why I started this fund."

— Vince Ulstad (ND ’79)

Learn about the fund he created to support young FarmHouse men with disabilities>

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