Live. Learn. Lead. Invest.
Live. Learn. Lead. - The Campaign for FarmHouse - Investing in tomorrow's leaders today.
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We envision FarmHouse as a premier
leadership organization.

One that attracts the best and brightest men, supports their education in and out of the classroom, provides them a support system with a safe, comfortable and affordable home to live in, and continues to be a Builder of Men for generations to come.

For FarmHouse to continue as a growing, progressive and successful values-based Fraternity, we need to do more. There are chapter houses in dire need of improvement (live.), young men deserving of scholarships (learn.) and inspiring educational programs to fully-fund (lead.).

With your commitment to Live. Learn. Lead – The Campaign for FarmHouse,
we will meet our $20 million goal and continue and enhance the life-changing FarmHouse experience for future generations of FarmHouse men. In turn, these young men will become leaders in their careers, families, communities and our society. Your philanthropy will change lives, not just today, but forever.


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